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RT-Thread 1.10 Beta2 & RT-Thread 1.0.3 Official Released

The RT-Thread 1.1.0 Beta2 which was planned to release on 2012.9.30 has been changed to this RT-Thread 1.1.0 RC version. And the RT-Thread 1.0.3 official version has been release at the same time. The RT-Thread 1.0.3 official version is based on the RT-Thread 1.0.2, and fixed the known bugs, without adding other new features. The [...]

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RT-Thread 1.1.0 Alpha Released

According to the RT-Thread 2012 roadmap, RT-Thread 1.1.0 Alpha has just released. This version is a technical preview, indicating the development direction of the RT-Thread, and it’s not suitable for product development yet. The main improvement of this version is the new initialization module for the components, new DeviceDriver framework (SPI, SDIO), new jffs2, yaffs2 [...]

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RT-Thread 1.0.0 Released

RT-Thread is 5 years old now since it was first born in 2006. It has gone through several versions (0.2.x, 0.3.0, 0.3.3, 0.4.0 beta1, 0.4.0 beta2, 0.4.0 RC1) and gets the following points: A more stable kernel: The kernel has an enhanced check function in context switch, and more error detections. Many enriched modules: The [...]

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RT-Thread 0.4.0 RC1 Released

After 3 months of developing and testing in RT-Thread RTOS, the RT-Thread 0.4.0 beta 2 has been upgraded to the RT-Thread 0.4.0 RC1. The RC version means that it’s not so far from the stable version of the RT-Thread 0.4.0. There will be further functions added into this version. Welcome to test, and let’s looking [...]

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RT-Thread 0.4.0 beta2 Released

RT-Thread 0.4.0 beta2 is the 2nd version in RT-Thread 0.4.x series. This version is mainly for testing purpose, and is not recommended to be deployed in product. The RT-Thread 0.4.0 testing version is still released under the GPL v2 license. Welcome to test. The original requirements for RT-Thread 0.4.0 are basically reached. Relative complete POSIX [...]

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