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RT-Thread 0.4.0 RC1 Released

After 3 months of developing and testing in RT-Thread RTOS, the RT-Thread 0.4.0 beta 2 has been upgraded to the RT-Thread 0.4.0 RC1.

The RC version means that it’s not so far from the stable version of the RT-Thread 0.4.0. There will be further functions added into this version. Welcome to test, and let’s looking forward to the stable version of RT-Thread 0.4.0.

Features Updated:
* ARM Cortex-M3 support the Module function now.
* Add errno implementation in RT-Thread.
* Invoke the task schedule function when thread start.
* Rewrite the memory allocator under Module module.
* Fix the rt_thread_exit() error when current thread being preempted.
* Fix the rt_mb_send_wait() function problem of prohibiting modification of current thread.
* Fix a misspelling.
– rt_thread_switch_interrput_flag -> rt_thread_switch_interrupt_flag
* Uniform coding style in kernel.
* Unified using the UNIX style ‘\n’ as line break.

* LwIP
– Redesign the LwIP 1.4.0 interface functions in ethernetif and the initial procedure.
– Add the eth_device_linkchange() function.
– Fix the problem of the error of current function being modified when involking the rt_mb_send() in interrupt handling.
– Rewrite the sys_arch_protect() function, disable interrupt and schedule in it.
– Fix the Issue 11 (http://code.google.com/p/rt-thread/issues/detail?id=11).
– Optimize the netio code.
– Add new finsh shell command list_tcps()
– Update the LwIP 1.4.0, compatible with previous drivers.

– Fix the coordinate overstep the DC buffer problem in drawing point.
– Fix the background color display error in dc_buffer_fill_rect() function.
– Fix the hz font remove problem.
– Fix the Chinese font display problem.
– Fix the keyboard event handling problem in list widget.

* dfs
– Fix the dfs_romfs_lookup(), dfs_romfs_open(), and dfs_romfs_lseek() problem.

* finsh
– Fix the node allocation failure problem.

* Added the Loongson LS1B branch
– support for finsh
– support for RT-GUI
* Updated the AT91SAM9260 branch
– support for Keil MDK
– updated the EMAC driver as the LwIP API’s modification.
* Updated the stm32f107 branch
– update the eth driver
– update the uart driver
* Fixed the renesas M16C porting
– perfect the porting code
– substitute the assemble context switch code by C code.
* Fixed the NEC V850E porting
– perfect the porting code
– substitute the assemble context switch code by C code.
* Updated the EFM32 branch
– add the Accelerometer driver
– add the Ethernet driver
* Updated the mini2440 branch
– add driver for x35 LCD
– perfect the touch driver
* Updated the avr32uc3b0 branch
– support for scons
* Updated the lpc24xx branch
– support the thumb mode
* Updated the lpc1114 branch
– fix the systick configuration problem
* Updated the stm32f20x branch
– added I2C driver
– added SD card driver
– added RTC support

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