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RT-Thread 1.0.0 Released

RT-Thread is 5 years old now since it was first born in 2006. It has gone through several versions (0.2.x, 0.3.0, 0.3.3, 0.4.0 beta1, 0.4.0 beta2, 0.4.0 RC1) and gets the following points:

A more stable kernel:
The kernel has an enhanced check function in context switch, and more error detections.

Many enriched modules:
The RT-Thread now has filesystems, RTGUI, and support for TCP/IP stacks, dynamic loading modules, and POSIX. When using GCC, we can enable the newlib option, and support for the entire standard C runtime library.

Much more complete branches porting:
The RT-Thread is supporting 32-bit MCUs under the architectures of ARM7, ARM9, ARM Cortex-M3, ARM Cortex-M4, MIPS, AVR32, V850E, etc, and is also supporting the 16-bit Renesas M16C series.

We are so glad to release this RT-Thread 1.0.0 version. This official version can’t be finished without our developers’ hard working, and everyone who have helped this project!
Thanks to Heng Li to initiate the underline salone.
Thanks to the Shanghai Pudong Software Technologies Service Co.,Ltd to provide field for our subject salons.
Thanks to grissiom to translate documents of coding style, and patches for RTGUI
Thanks to onelife who maintains the EFM32 branch.
Thanks to everyone!

The RT-Thread 1.0.0 has several updates to the RT-Thread 0.4.0 RC1 version.

* Enforced the newlib module to be compatible with GCC, thus avoids the compiling errors.
* Fixed the error problem when duplicating object name.
* Added the RT-Thread I/O error code(RT_EIO).
* Added 3 types of device (RT_Device_Class_SPIBUS, RT_Device_Class_SPIDevice, RT_Device_Class_SDIO).
* building.py
- Added SrcRemove function.
- Added MergeGroup function.
- Fixed the error caused by the Chinese character.
* Added the document of coding style.

- Fixed the statfs problem in elmfs porting.
- Fixed the rename problem in dfs_elem.c.
- Fixed the rename problem in dfs_file.c
- Fixed the underflow problem of lseek.

* LwIP
- Updated the finsh command (list_if, set_if), supporting multiple interface.

- Replaced the magic number by defining the RTGUI_NOTEBOOK_TAB_WIDTH macro.
- Fixed the no detach problem when ack_mb error occurred.
- Fixed the compile error when open the RTGUI_USING_MOUSE_CURSOR option.
- Optimized the notebook structure in operational efficiency.
- Optimized the handle method of mouse event in notebook.c.

* Fixed a syntax error in zmodem.

* Added notebook example to RTGUI
* Added the mem_test example.
* Updated the kernel test example.

The ARM Cortex-M3 core switch to /libcpu/cortex-m3
The ARM Cortex-M4 core switch to /libcpu/cortex-m4

* Added the stm32f40x branch.
* Added the lm4f232 branch.
* Updated the m16c branch.
- Using the BYTE instruction to properly manipulate the rt_thread_switch_interrupt_flag
- Fixed the IAR compile error using scons.
* Updated the lm3s9b9x branch.
- Updated eth driver.
- Added sdram driver.
* Updated the stm32f10x branch.
- Updated the eeprom driver.
- Updated the RTC driver.
- Added the SPI FRAM driver.
* Updated the efm32 branch.
- Updated the CMSIS and efm32lib to the 2.3.2 version.
* Updated the lpc24xx branch.
- Added the exception handling function.
* Updated the lpc2148 branch.
- Fixed the scons + keil compiling error.
- Added porting code under the thumb mode.

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