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RT-Thread 1.1.0 Alpha Released

According to the RT-Thread 2012 roadmap, RT-Thread 1.1.0 Alpha has just released. This version is a technical preview, indicating the development direction of the RT-Thread, and it’s not suitable for product development yet. The main improvement of this version is the new initialization module for the components, new DeviceDriver framework (SPI, SDIO), new jffs2, yaffs2 file systems porting, virtualized configuring the rtconfig.h in eclipse. The changes in details are as follows:

* Finished the components init module, using the rt_components_init(void) API, unified the initialization process. Please refer to lpc176x bsp.
* Brand new DeviceDriver framework (including SPI Bus and SDIO).
* move src/kservice.h to include/rtservice.h
* Add the memheap.c, providing the rt_memheap_init(), rt_memheap_detach(), rt_memheap_alloc(), rt_memheap_free() APIs.
* Fixed the alignment error in rt_mp_init() and rt_mp_create().
* removed the rt_list_isempty() in finsh/cmd.c, and using the united one in rtservice.h
* Fixed the module unload problem in module.c
* Added the RTTHREAD_VERSION Macro.
* Added the int64_t and uint64_t in minilibc/stdint.h.
* Removed rt_system_tick_init() since this version.
* Added the buildbot module to compile multiple scons prjects.

* FileSystems
- New jffs2 filesystem porting.
- New yaffs2 filesystem porting.
- Updated uffs filesystem to the newest version.
- Fixed the unexpected modification of tid->error problem.

* LwIP
- Switch to the LwIP 1.4.0 substitute for the current LwIP 1.3.2.

* Supporting more FPGA Soft IP Core including microblaze and nios-ii branches.
* New pic32ethernet branch.
* at91sam9260 branch
- Updated the network driver.
- Added the SDIO driver.
* efm32 branch
- Added the key and joystick driver.
- Updated the USART driver.
* lm3s8962 branch
- Updated the Ethernet driver, enabling reception of multicast packets.
* m16c62p branch
- Supported the scons/gcc compile method.
* fujistu fm3 branch
- Divided the fm3 branch into mb9bf506r and mb9bf500r individual branch.
* stm32F40 branch
- Updated the USART driver.
- Updated the STM32_F4xx_StdPeriph_Driver to V1.1.0
* mini2440 branch
- Added the keil project support.
* x86 branch
- Supported the scons/gcc compile method.
* lpc178x branch
- Added the LCD driver.
- Added the SDRAM initialization.
* lpc176x branch
- Serving as the model branch of RT-Thread 1.1.0 BSPs
- Providing full set compile methods (KEIL project, IAR project, scons/gcc, scons/keil, scons/iar)
- Providing IAR project template and KEIL project template, and the IAR project can be generated automatically by scons –target=iar –s.
- redefined the file structure of rtconfig.h, enabling the virtual configuration in eclipse.
- Adjusted the BSP directory structure, and classified source files into /applications /drivers /CMSIS directories.


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