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RT-Thread 1.10 Beta2 & RT-Thread 1.0.3 Official Released

The RT-Thread 1.1.0 Beta2 which was planned to release on 2012.9.30 has been changed to this RT-Thread 1.1.0 RC version. And the RT-Thread 1.0.3 official version has been release at the same time. The RT-Thread 1.0.3 official version is based on the RT-Thread 1.0.2, and fixed the known bugs, without adding other new features.

The release of RT-Thread RC version means that the release of RT-Thread 1.1.0 official version is not far away. After this RC version, there will be no more new feature for this version, and we will focus on the bug fix and some detail perfection. The API interfaces will not be modified any more. It is welcomed to test this RT-Thread 1.1.0 RC version and make the RT-Thread 1.1.0 official version much more stable.

A brief change compared with former Beta version is we added the USB device stack to make it more convenient to the PC connection. The RT-Thread/GUI component is now keeping the same development pace with that on the github.

The updated parts in this version is as followed:

- Removed the rtm.c, and distributed into several individual files.
- Fixed the timer flag setting issue in the timer control.
- Added check code for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler in rtdef.h.
- New device control method RT_DEVICE_CTRL_BLK_SYNC.
- New graphic device control method RTGRAPHIC_CTRL_FILL_RECT and RTGRAPHIC_CTRL_DRAW_RECT.
- Modified the priority of module thread from RT_THREAD_PRIORITY_MAX – 1 to RT_THREAD_PRIORITY_MAX – 2.
- Fixed the section copy point issue in module.
- Fixed the module delete failure issue in module.

File system:
- Fixed the existing f_seekdir problem in the elm fatfs.
- Added new ff_memalloc() and ff_memfree() interface.
- Fixed the memory leak problem in dfs_elm_open() function in dfs_elm.c
- Fixed the un-initialize problem in dfs_elm_mount() function in dfs_elm.c
- Added proper handling to CTRL_SYNC in disk_ioctl().
- Added RT_DFS_ELM_CODE_PAGE option.
- Added O_BINARY flag in DFS POSIX.
- Added the un-aligned situation handling in function mem_cpy() in ff.c

- New USB device stack, including the Virtual-COM device class.
- Added ADK (to connect Android devices, the Accessory Development Kit) support in USB host stack.
- renamed components_init.c/.h to the components.c/.h
- Added the default configuration in serial device framework.
- Fixed the un-initialization problem in rt_serial_control() in serial.c
- removed function rt_ringbuffer_get_datasize().
- fixed the boundary problem in ring buffer.
- Added the pipe device, including the read, write, create, delete interfaces.
- Fixed the assert failure problem in rt_spi_release_bus().
- Added open operation in function time() in rtc.c
- Added the move_page interface in MTD NAND. Added new met_nand member obb_free. Changed the block_size member to pages_per_block.
- Added code to close sock after the connection failure in lwip.
- Set the NETIF_FLAG_DHCP flag after LWIP_DHCP macro is defined, and set NETIF_FLAG_IGMP flag after LWIP_IGMP macro is defined in fuction eth_device_init() in lwip.
- Added isspace() and atol() interface in minilibc.
- Deleted the duplicate defined rt_list_entry.

- Added MakeCopy(), GlobSubDir() and GetConfigValue() in building.py.
- New wizard.py used in generating SConscrip scripts.
- Added –copy-header option to copy RT-Thread header to local folder.
- Fixed the GNU GCC path setting error problem in win32 environment.
- Added remove_components function.

- m16c62p branch:
– Fixed the un-set task return address problem when initializing the task stack.

- upd70f3454 branch
– Fixed the un-set task return address problem when initializing the task stack.
– Changed the BSP directory structure, and move files into application and drivers folder.
– Support for scons+IAR compile method
– Added IAR project template.

- stm32f0x and ARM Cortex-M0 branches
– Added r8 – r11 pop, push in libcpu transplant.

- mini2440
– Using the new RTGUI now.

RT-Thread 1.1.0 RC
RT-Thread 1.0.3 Official

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