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RT-Thread 0.4.0 beta2 Released

RT-Thread 0.4.0 beta2 is the 2nd version in RT-Thread 0.4.x series. This version is mainly for testing purpose, and is not recommended to be deployed in product. The RT-Thread 0.4.0 testing version is still released under the GPL v2 license. Welcome to test.

The original requirements for RT-Thread 0.4.0 are basically reached. Relative complete POSIX thread interface, load interface for dynamic library libdl and support for application modules are all provided. These new features enable the RT-Thread to be compatible with the POSIX standard at the first stage.

This version of RT-Thread has the following changes:


* Added an rt_mb_send_wait interface for mailbox suspend waiting when it is full

* Added RT_USING_CONSOLE option

* Added 4 classes of devices (RT_Device_Class_Graphic, RT_Device_Class_I2C, RT_Device_Class_USBDevice, RT_Device_Class_USBHost)

* Fixed the compile error of undefined RT_USING_DEVICE option


- net

* Added LwIP 1.4.0 porting

* Use the new rt_mb_send_wait as the mailbox sending interface in LwIP.

- minilibc

* Added malloc, realloc, free, calloc interfaces

- newlib

* Added many math functions (coef, horner, sqrt, ln, exp, pow)

- pthreads

* pthreads are now independent with newlib

- filesystem

* Updated fatfs from R0.07e to R0.08b

* Fixed the uncorrect directory searching issue of fatfs

- finsh

* Fixed the GCC ‘variable section end’ compile error

* Renamed the list_module_obj command to list_mod_detail

- RT-Thread/GUI

* Redesigned the RTGUI graphic driver interface

* Fixed polygon fill error

Supported platforms:

Added MIPS, AVR32 (big endian), Renesas M16C/62P (16bit), Renesas (NEC) V850E on the basics (ARM7, ARM9, ARM Cortex-M3, IA32…)

* Added at91sam9260 porting
* Added avr32uc3b0 porting
* Added efm32 porting
* Added fm3 porting
* mb9bf500r porting
- RTGUI supported
* mb9bf506r porting
- NAND FATFS supported
* Split the lm3s porting to:
* lm3s8962
* lm3s9b9x
* Added lpc122x porting
* Added m16c62p(Renesas M16C/62P) porting
* Support IAR for M16C develop environment
* Support scons+IAR compile method
* Added mini4020 porting
* Added nios_ii porting
* Added pic32ethernet porting
* Split the stm3210 porting to:
* stm32f107
* stm32F20x
* stm32f10x
- Updated to STM32F10x_StdPeriph_Lib_V3.5.0
* Added upd70f3454(Renesas V850E) porting


* Simplified the tools directory, removed all tools to except for building.py.

* Perfected the building.py script
* Fixed the ‘command line too long’ issue in building mini2440 project

* Automatically set up IAR project

* Automatically set up MDK4 project


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